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WRO on Tour in Rome

Another WRO 2015 on Tour screening! This time in Rome.

BNL Media Art Festival
13-17 April, 2016
MAXXI | Museo nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo.

The “Minimal DIY” program:

BALANCE FROM WITHIN, Jacob Tonski (US), WRO 2015 documentation, 2:49
UNISONO, Alessandro Fonte (IT), 2013, 2:37
REIGN OF SILENCE, Lukas Marxt (AT), 2013, 7:20
DIY: DESTROY IT YOURSELF [excerpt from the series], Maciej Olszewski (PL), 2014, 6:00
PAINTER’S PAINTING, Wojciech Gilewicz (PL), 2015, 5:00 [shortened version]
NAMEDROPPING, Antje Seeger (DE), 2014, 4:02
MINIMAL VANDALISM, Kay Walkowiak (AT), 2013, 3:49

WRO 2015 on Tour