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Krzysztof Bryła (PL)
painting installation, 2015

Moving of the installation from the Biennale WRO 2015: SUW exhibition in the flat at 4 Lukasz Górnicki Street.

Painting installation in the space of the staircase and the niche of the apartment no. 11. Two illusionistic paintings placed on different floors in the tenement house. They give an illusion of the lift in a building, recalling dreams about modern architectonic improvements. The installation depicts communication in two ways – unveils both physical travel between the floors and interpersonal contact which appears, for example, when people are waiting for the lift.

Krzysztof Bryła (PL), born 1984 in Bilgoraj. Lives in Wroclaw. He specializes in illusionistic painting. He mostly paints functional objects from his nearest neighborhood.