Biennale 16 maja_mm1375


Simona Halečková (SK)
installation, 2014

Project is based on study of protoza organism which sense their surroundings using sensilla (hairs or bristles) which project through the carapace via pore canals. It has performative software output which is based on sampling by programm ing environment where data is split into parts. Biological microscope detects active movement of the protoza body organism, connected with programming environment VVVV. Real time data are analysed and pixel in this case serves as a tool for sampling. These values are used to create an algorithm that distorts GUI operating system Windows. Interference in the environment is observed and reflected on the desktop computer desktop, which consists of coexisting windows.

Main aim of this art project is to experiment among todays software and biological language, work with the examination of programming space algorithms, microorganism study, show hidden structures of aesthetic value of nature, study of organical rythm and movement and highly contradictory and complex relationship of contemporary man and nature.

Simona Halečková (SK), software media artist of young generation, focusing on graphical programming language,combining interdisciplinary methods, attend university at Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica – Bachelor’s degree program of digital media art. During my studies, immediately with a working internship in CIANT — International Centre for Art and New Technologies based in Czech Republic.