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Roch Forowicz (PL) + Jarek Grzesica (PL)
AV performance

Opticons are visualizations based on transformation of 3D glassy solids. With their oval and organic shapes, the transparent forms generated many optical illusions and caustic reflections during the transformation process. Subsequent Opticons are the Simulacra: illusionary formations generated with the use of professional industrial tools allowing for accurate simulation of the laws of physics. The project refers to the idea of transgression of what is commonly perceived as virtual.

In his artistic work Roch Forowicz (PL) focuses on the issue of city surveillance, the fact of being constantly observed by CCTV systems and of data being processed all the time. His activities are radical and often described as illegal “hacktivist” interventions, whose aim is taking over and using surveillance devices against the will of their creators.

He has been working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Organising Upgrade!Warsaw since 2007. Curator and co-founder of 2.0 gallery in Warsaw. Participant of many expositions and festivals, such as FILE festival (Brasil), HAIP Festival (Slovenia), Liwoli09 (Austria), Paraflows 09 (Austria), Urban Research (Germany), Centre for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw, Poland), Komuna Otwock, Entropia, STUDIO, WEF, Krytyka Polityczna, Culture 2.0, Beautiful Lies, Copernicus Science Center etc.

Jarek Grzesica (PL), founder of Warsaw Electronic Festival, WEFREC (WEF’ Label), WEFCON (WEF Conference). Cooperator for Zachęta National Gallery of Art. Promotor and journalist (Polish National Radio, Radio Jazz). Curator of new media and electronic music events. A soundartist.