Bienale 2015_mm238


Mikhail Basov (RU) + Natalia Basova (RU)
video, 2014, 6:29

An old vinyl disc rolls alongshore without any apparent external force. The object which we are so used to see in the cosy interiors of our houses and on the shelves of music shops, which was so cautiously protected from dust and scratches, reveals its new qualities when it touches sea sand and pebbles. This film has no natural sounds or music, but we are trying to imagine what music was recorded on this disc and what sound accompanied its cutting a groove on the sand. This faithfully documented event looks like animation.

Mikhail Basov (RU), a filmmaker and a media artist. His videoart has been exhibited internationally and in Russia at festivals and exhibitions, such as, among others, 53rd Venice Biennale of Visual Arts, 5th International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Art “Linoleum”, 6th Busan International Video Festival, International Video Art Biennial in Barcelona (VIDEOAKT 2013), Experimental Film Festival in Portland 2013, Audiovisioni digitali / Scicli (Italy) #1 – Mostra internazionale di ricerche audiovisive 2013, Festival Art Deco de Cinema (Sao Paulo, 2013), Festival “Filmideo 2013″, Index Art Center Newark, USA; Festival Miden 2013 in Athens, Oslo Screen Festival (2014).

Natalia Basova (RU), born 1978, a photographer and a media artist. Her most notable projects are, among others, “Views of the city of the world from a height of 1 m 75 cm” (Experiment Gallery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2002), “Untitled” (Experiment Gallery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2004), “Digital sandglass” (Tramuntana Festival, Cadaqués, Spain, 2008), “Action Planning 2010″ #1 (Angle art contemporain Gallery, Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux, France) and “Action Planning 2010″ #2 (Winzavod contemporary art center, Moscow, Russia), as well as at various screenings in Russia and the UK. She has participated in collective exhibitions and festivals of art photography in Russia, such as the Festival of Street Photography (Moscow, Russia, 2015). Her works are found in private collection in Russia, Canada and US.