Carla Della Beffa (IT)
video, 2014, 2:30

Business as Usual is a chapter of Carla Della Beffa’s ongoing artistic research on economy and money-related issues. By showing some of the frequently overlooked sides of reality, she hopes to increase awareness.

Shot in Milan from morning to night on Saturday, 20 July 2013, the work aims to reveal the many jobs and incomes hidden behind every gesture and step we make at any moment. In fact, while representing one city on a single day, the video is about globalization: consider any item, service, food and job, go to its roots and you’ll find that the connections are very deep and wide. Since my income comes from your spending, and my spending gives you an income, every apparently irrelevant economic choice can reach very far and change, or at least influence, lots of lives.

Original music by Francesco Zago.

Carla Della Beffa (IT), a video and relational artist.

Economy has recently become the filter through which she sees the world (though she doesn’t forget literature, food and relationships). The researcher produces videos, photographs and interdisciplinary projects and aims to reveal some hidden facets of society, thus strengthening awareness in the viewers.

Della Beffa’s work is about connecting and sharing: experience, knowledge, ideas, people, emotions. She’s ready to travel anywhere to realize the kind of complex projects she can’t do alone and is a good choice at international artist residencies.