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Daniel Jolliffe (CA)
installation, 2013-2014

A networked sculpture that explores how we form our sense of place in the contemporary environment. In practice, fourteen networked pointer sculptures are directed by a central control unit to accurately point out the nearest Costco, local monument, or individual orbiting GPS satellites.

Daniel Jolliffe (CA), a media and visual artist since 1989, he holds a B.A in Philosophy from the University of Victoria and an M.F.A in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University. His work traverses many disciplines and interests including sculpture, installation, sound, public intervention, performance, interactive art, video, and open-source culture. The goal in all of his work is to challenge and query how embodied conscious experience is changed by the intervention of technology. His work has been shown across Canada and internationally, and been covered by Wired News, the Dow Jones News Wire, the Yahoo Directory, Rhizome and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, among others.