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Tomasz Koszewnik (PL)
installation, 2014

supervisor: prof. Leszek Knaflewski, PhD (asst. Daniel Koniusz)
Audiosphere Studio
University of Arts in Poznan

If falsehood had, like truth, but one face only, we should be upon better terms; for we should then take for certain the contrary to what the liar says: but the reverse of truth has a hundred thousand forms, and a field indefinite, without bound or limit.

— Michel de Montaigne

Tomasz Koszewnik (PL), born 1986 in Bialystok. Studied at the Institute of Etnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw (2008-2014) and at the Department of Intermedia, University of Arts in Poznan (2010-2014). He took a year-long course in Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Acivities at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw(2011/2012). He defended his bachelor thesis in Leszek Knaflewski’s Audiosphere Studio (2014). He began his masters studies in the Intermedia and Photography departments (2014). His most important exhibitions include: “Wspólny projekt” (Museum of Art in Lodz, ING Polish Art Foundation, Lodz, 2014), “Points of View” (Centrala Gallery, Birmingham, 2014), “Lekcja latania” (Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, 2014), “Lucid Dream” (Zamek Culture Centre, Poznan, 2014), “H.K.Ł.O.P.R.” (MOCAK, Krakow, 2013), Young Art Biennale Rybie Oko (Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk, 2013), “Wtrącenia” (The Fryderyk Chopin Museum, Zelazowa Wola, 2013), “Pewność” (BWA Galleries of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, 2013), KONTEKSTY (4th International Sokolovsko Festival of Efemeral Art, 2012), “No Budget Show IV” (MOCAK, Krakow, 2012), “Kryzys” (Muzeum of Contemporary Art, Wrocław, 2012), “Happy Birthday Mr. Fluxus” (Zamek Culture Centre, Poznan, 2012), “Wiek XIX vs. XXI” (National Museum, Krakow, 2011), Przeciąg (Young Art Festival, Encouragement of Contemporary Art, Szczecin, 2011), “Daj Głos” (Actual Art Zone, Szczecin, 2011), Young Art Triennale (Centre of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, 2011).