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Joachim Montessuis (FR)

A 5-minute-long WRO 2015 documentation of a site-specific performance that took place on May 15th, 2015 on Polski Theatre Świebodzki Stage in Wrocław.

project supported by Institut Français in Paris

The performance gathers through a drone box (hurdy-gurdy device using four flexible sounds), one Stratocaster, some pedals effects and a computer a childhood passion for medieval music and modal continuous music, here developed into microtonal harmonics hypnotic trance music to listen with closed eyes in a drug free environment.

Joachim Montessuis (FR), born 1972, develops an experimental contextual practice mainly around voice, drone, noise and resonance since the early 90’s. His current work is directed towards conceptual experimental processes of the issue of observation and perception of reality through a non-dual approach. His vocal performative work explores various states of trance through the extreme potentialities of amplification and electronic transformations of screams, throat singing, and also words. He designs his actions as processes, “noise poetry-codes reality fertilizers”.

He has shown his work in many festivals around the globe (more than 200 performances) and he has collaborated with more than 100 artists, including Charlemagne Palestine, Henri Chopin, Maja Ratkje, Master musiciens of Joujouka, Phill Niblock. He runs the label erratum.org since 1997. He lives in Paris and teaches sound and intermedia art at HEAR in Strasbourg.