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Alicja Boncel (PL)

supervision: prof. Grzegorz Hańderek
Studio for the Interpretation of Literature
Faculty of Art
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

The work takes us on a fascinating journey through a world that exists around us, but is available only to insiders. There are no simple answers, and situations and objects are not what they seem to be at first glance.

The work touches upon the children’s philosophy of life, the idea of ​​growing up in nature. A 7-year-old girl – looking at the surrounding – starts interacting with it: she communicates with nature through sounds that imitate it. Her game resembles a living installation which the experiment is carried out on. Her observations are full of surprise, absurd and nonsense. Victoria’s childhood is her own invention, in which everything can be revised and re-defined.

This multi-layered poetic tale speaks of the fundamental values ​​on life, beauty, complexity of nature; of birth and death. IVictoria gets us into her world just as Alice in Wonderland: the small, round mirror becomes a space-time network, which allows us to move into a land where everything is possible.

Nevertheless, the world we see is not so carefree: though beautiful and blooming, it moves in one direction, the evidence of which are Victoria’s milk teeth falling out one by one. Everything has its beginning, but the end is one and inevitable. Death walks hand in hand with birth.

Alicja Boncel (PL), born 1980, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2014) and the Silesian University of Technology (Faculty of Chemistry). She works with experimental audiovisual art and installation.