Wioleta Kaminska (PL/US)
video, 2013, 2:56

Fog is the first video landscape from the series “And the Whole World Stops”. It is a visual exploration of our daily environment that we often assume predictable and mundane. It is a glance into today’s world where technology and culture interact with each other more then ever, which in consequence, shifts our perception of time and influences the way we navigate spaces, both physical and virtual. Its main objective is to help the viewer tune into a familiar landscape, notice its mechanism, become more aware of it and, eventually, perceive it from a new perspective. To be taken by surprise, experience the feeling of awe in our everyday life and take some time to contemplate and reflect. Often unnecessary noise takes away our focus and ability to see. But what happens when we slow down and take a look?

Wioleta Kaminska (PL/US), a San Francisco-based visual designer and media artist. Born and raised in Poland, she graduated with a master’s degree in applied linguistics from the Warsaw University and a master’s degree in design from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. In her visual work she is particularly interested in the conflicting forces that shape land and humans and our perception of time. Her body of work ranges from photography, sketches, hand renderings, 2D and 3D graphics, to film, video, motion graphics, sound and animation.