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Dominika Borkowska (PL) + Mariusz Andrzejczyk (PL)
performance, 2015

A performative action focusing on the  communication disruptions. The artists and the viewers find themselves in the situation where presence is only a physical condition and face-to-face confrontation seems to be impossible. The authors of the project communicate with their surrounding using only laptops. Their facial expression is cached by the webcam. Their thoughts are being delivered to the audience by instant prints.

Dominika Borkowska (PL), born 1988 in Bydgoszcz. Intermedia artist, director, choreographer, performer. She creates her own body language.

Mariusz Andrzejczyk (PL), born 1991 in Ilza. Lives and studies in Warsaw. He specializes in performance, video, photography, installation and painting.