Bienale 2015_mm221


Rafał Żarski (PL)
video + animation

supervisor: prof. Agata Michowska + prof. Wojciech Łazarczyk
Multimedia Studio
Academy of Art in Szczecin

The work comprises two parts: The first one is a video, in which the artist explores the soundscape – an unknown microcosm of his apartment. The other one is an animation depicting the floor plan in which he moves. The animation is synchronized with the video: we can see the way the author moves about by following the pulsing greet dot.

Rafał Żarski (PL), born 1989. In 2010, he received his diploma in graphic design from the post-graduate study Collage in Warsaw. Since 2011, he’s been studying Multimedia at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. A scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland (2013).