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Short reportages realized by WRO and TVP Wrocław during the opening days: interviews with artists, participants and curators, documentation of the exhibitions, performances and events.

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Biennale WRO magazine, May 13th

Preview of the WRO 2015 Biennale: Piotr Krajewski about Test Exposure, Magdalena Kreis about Little WRO, Michael Candy about his award-winning installation “Big Dipper” (WRO 2015 Award)

Biennale WRO magazine, May 14th

The young generation of artists at WRO 2015: Klio Krajewska about the program of exhibitions, Anna Jochymek about the Miroslaw Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities projects, Kamila Wolszczak about the GG-SUW exhibition, Maciej Olszewski about his work “DIY (Destroy It Yourself)”

Biennale WRO magazine, May 15th

nature/art/technology: Paweł Janicki on the issue, Jarosław Czarnecki about his award-winning project “The Symbiosity of Creation” (the Critics and Editors of Art Magazines Award), Maciej Markowski about his installation “Quartet for Tomatoes”, Prof. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński: postulates to the program

Biennale WRO magazine, May 16th

Hacking of the Social Operating System: Edwin Bendyk and Bogna Świątkowska bring the issues of the conference

Music performances at WRO: Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka, Bioni Samp about his performance on bees and honey, excerpts from the concert at the Świebodzki Station

Biennale WRO magazine, May 17th

Live summaries by Piotr Krajewski, Iwo Zmyślony, Miroslaw Bałka, Dobromiła Błaszczyk, Bogna Świątkowska

Biennale WRO 2015 Awards