Bienale 2015_mm122

Art Mediators’ Comments: Marek Deka, Nothing More

Nothing more

Nothing more – that’s what the work is all about. It’s been perfectly planned and made. It looks exquisitely at the WRO Biennale exhibition in the University Library and has its peculiar, individual character. Functioning at times, it needs electricity to run. It is given expression through color, texture corrosion, or right proportion of the components.

The work depicts a family house of the author. Each element stands for the room in the apartment. Moving up and down, it can be a metaphor for how our lives look like at our places. Yet, to read this work, we do not need to know this. The object flashes with some kind of timeless, original rhythm, based on the division of surfaces, sounds of the metal blocks moving. It affects the senses of the viewer, a bit like a rattle on a baby. A sensual object, a little bit post-apocalyptic.

– Jagoda Kozon

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In the last two weeks of the WRO 2015 exhibitions, we are presenting you with the comments on selected works presented in the new building of the Wroclaw University Library. The comments are made by the students of the Art Mediation Department, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.