Conference. Hacking of the Social Operating System – in the frame of the program of Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016 – The City/Laboratory of the Future



conference inaugurating the program of Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016 – The City/Laboratory of the Future

the conference is interpreted into English and Polish

kurator: Edwin Bendyk

The city: the human, the system, the interface, i.e. hacking of the social operating system

The revolutionary events of recent years, from the Arab Spring through the war in Syria to the Maidan, have in a spectacular way illustrated the change which the public space has been undergoing in recent years. Its most significant aspect is the collapse of the social structures, which had thus far organized the lives of groups and individuals. Though public mass institutions, such as political parties, trade unions, social organisations or churches still exist, they have an increasingly smaller influence on human decisions. It is in the individual that one must seek the sources of empowerment and subjectivity.

Following this introduction in 2015, we will devote the following year when Wrocław becomes the European Capital of Culture for 2016, to the joint work of experts, artists, researchers and participants of the events organised on the occasion, with the aim to create a vision of the City of the Future. How will it change as a result of the social, demographic, environmental and technological changes? What will the city of the Anthropocene look like – a city of a new geological epoch, in which it is the human that has the decisive influence on the development of the global geo-ecosystem?

15 maja, 10:30-16:00

Welcome word: Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska i Piotr Krajewski
Introduction: Edwin Bendyk

Presentation: Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL)
Mobile Applications for Anger Expression

Presentation: Oliver Ressler (AT)
The Visible and the Invisible

Keynote: Alain Renk (FR)
Wikibuilding: Open Source Architecture


Bogna Świątkowska (PL)
Antiproject. Take-Over

Maciej Frąckowiak (PL)
Not Everything Has to Be Sexy in The City: Congestions and City Development

Karol Piekarski (PL)
Data-Activism and Other Forms of Struggle Over the Control of City Interfaces


May 16, 10:00-14:00

Warkshops: Alain Renk (FR)
Unlimited Cities DIY

Presentation: Karol Piekarski (PL)
Infoactivism for begginers