Wrocław Philharmonic
May 15, 7 PM

the world premiere of Luc Ferrari’s (FR) Brise Glace: En un tournement d’amour – a live performance with the new orchestration and video prepared by Bartosz Konieczny

Video prepared by Bartosz Konieczny realized by WRO Art Center is a re-interpretation of Brise-Glace media composition by P.-E. Gallet based on extracts of the three-part film Brise-Glace (Bateau-Givre by Jean Rouch, Hans Majestäts Isbrytaren Frej by Titte Törnroth, Histoires de Glace by Raoul Ruiz) and on photos by Katalin Volcsanszky shooted for the book by P-E. Gallet Brise-Glace: Le Paysage blanc, which are part of Brise-Glace media composition.

project carried out with Musica Electronica Nova Festival
program of the Festival: musicaelectronicanova.pl/en
The National Forum of Music – partner of the project