Art Mediators’ Comments: Jacob Tonski, Balance from Within

Balance from Within

This work is undoubtedly amazing. Spectacular. Some may even say – beautiful. All this is the result of one thing – a surprise. What does the couch need balance for?

The balance and the movement are very important in the work of Jacob Tonski. His installation serves as a commentary on the fragility of people’s relationships. “Balance from Within” by its subtlety, and big size at the same time, requires an appropriate location. It needs space to appear light and not be overwhelmed by other works. The height of the room proves invaluable. The grey color of the raw walls is almost imperceptible, and the windows through which you can see the trees with their wooden frames are a perfect backdrop for this type of sculpture. The impression of softness and serenity that accompanies this work is also worth mentioning: the slight motion of the sofa, the setting, the remote sound of the furniture; the very same look of the sofa, its beige color, delicate exuberant pattern and beautiful wooden ornaments from before 170 years. All adds up to a refined poem of a not half fine sculpture.

– Anna Skopicz

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In the last two weeks of the WRO 2015 exhibitions, we are presenting you with the comments on selected works presented in the new building of the Wroclaw University Library. The comments are made by the students of the Art Mediation Department, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.