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Piotr Wyrzykowski aka Peter Style (PL)
civil revolt app

Moving of the installation from the Biennale WRO 2015 exhibition in the University Library.

“I rebel, therefore I exist” – A. Camus

Protest app is a tool for expressing your civil revolt opinions. Used it for creating a peaceful virtual demonstration. Type a slogan, record a video wherever you want and share it with others. Your protests will be available on the “protestline”. You can preview nearby protests in augmented reality mode.

Protest Declaration:

1. Protests are not eternal.
2. Protests need your support.
3. Protest with more support exists longer.
4. Protest with more opponents is dying faster.
5. Your opposition could be the one which kills the protest.
6. Protest, support and opposition have to be made with consciousness.

Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL), a.k.a. Peter Style, b. 1968, has started as a performance artist, experimenting with sound, video and his own body. In his artistic activities, he focuses on connections between technology and human body perception. He investigates these relations working with video and photography, interactive applications, performance and installation, as well as creating Internet-based works and projects in public spaces.