where X and Y


Liliana Farber (UY)
video, 2014, 2:34

Utilizing the commercial genre of movie trailers, this video deals with generalizations, patterns, emotional triggers and the constant need for higher climaxes, bigger surprises and deeper emotional responses. The video was created using a custom software that extracts pixels from various trailers and places each on a grid in the corresponding frame of the final video, while enlarging the size of each pixel, to make it more prominent. Much as a trailer can be regarded as a compression of an entire movie, this video is a compression of the compression of dozens of movies. It is a commentary on the abundance of data in the information age and on our inability to process it. The video’s title references to a phrase common in trailers “In a world where [something] and [something] are [something]”.

Liliana Farber (UY), born 1983, a visual artist, currently living and working in Tel Aviv. Farber is a graduate of the Continuing Studies in Fine Art Program at Hamidrasha School of Art in Israel, and holds a B.A in Graphic Design from O.R.T University in Montevideo. Farber has had four solo exhibitions in Uruguay and participated in many group exhibitions at leading venues and events around the world, including: The National Museum of Visual Arts and Gallino Museum in Uruguay, Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, Ex-Teresa Art Center in Mexico and more. She received a special mention at the X Salto Biennale in Uruguay in 2013.