Matilde De Feo (IT)
video, 2014, 1:00

This short documentary about the body is the result of a series of meetings leaded by the documentarist Silvano Agosti. The conceptual nature of the work stems from the video-performative substance, no visual effects had been applied, the movement of petals and leaves arises from the natural pressure of the flowers on the body.

Matilde De Feo (IT) is a performer, filmmaker, cultural worker. She graduated in film directing, with a degree in theatre and technologies, the Dams Roma Tre and at the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Teatro Bellini in Naples. She’s been owner since 2003 of mald’è project that relates visual arts to theatre and she made a series of works at the turn of film, video theater, installation, interactive and multimedia shows. She also works as a professor of theater.