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Wojciech Gilewicz (PL)
video installation

Moving of the installation from the exhibition in the National Museum.

The installation is based on a looped video documenting a painting performance. The artist – always dressed exactly the same and performing the same gestures – deploys his painting skills in various, often stereotyped, spaces and landscapes. Trying to capture the ever-changing images, we never see the effect of his endeavors.

Wojciech Gilewicz, born 1974, a painter, photographer, and creator of installations and videos. Using paintings as a starting point, he creates diverse works that provoke reflection on the mechanisms and cultural determinants of perception. His works address such issues as the role of painting, the status of the artist, and art-making involved with institutions and the art market. His works have been displayed at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the Bunker of Art in Cracow, the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, the Entropia Gallery in Wrocław, the BWA in Zielona Góra, the Flux Factory in New York, and the Kunadu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei.