Emmanuel Avenel (CA) + Marie-France Giraudon (CA)
video, 2013, 3:15

This video is a paradoxical exploration of the glacial environment during a walk. Purity and pollution cause an intense visual and audio fight. The walk of the foot-camera looking for landscapes and accumulation of human waste in which it becomes entangled.

Marie-France Giraudon (CA), a multi-disciplinary artist from France. She lives and works in Montreal, where she is currently studying visual arts at the University of Quebec. She has participated in numerous national and international events. Her work explores the relationship between photography, video and installation. She began collaborating with Emmanuel Avenel in 1985.

Emmanuel Avenel (CA), born 1962 in Dieppe, France. He has resided in Montreal since 1987.Combination between nature, art and ecology is the main theme represented in his work. Since 1981, Avenel has walked and travelled through Europe and throughout Canada. The hiking trail brings him closer to the landscape, which he portrays with both photo and video cameras.