Lara Gavriely (IL)
video, 2013, 15:00

The artist took Andy Warhol’s famous “Empire” video and uploaded 15 minutes of it on YouTube. Then, she played „Snake” live on the video. (YouTube’s built-in option for passing the time while waiting for the video to upload). So, in fact, this is a one-shot real-time performance on the famous video art. The longer she played the game, the harder it got until eventually the snake filled up the screen and had to die. The video wishes to convey Change that happens through the passing of time in space, both in technology and human consciousness. The integration of low tech and high tech technology through the sharing data base of the YouTube media channel, changes the accessibility of information and might bring forth an unknown change in critique and the perception of art.

Lara Gavriely (IL), born 1984, a visual artist. She was studying for 15 years. Gratuated the Visual Arts Faculty Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College, B.E.D course. Served in the IDF as a main stills photographer, video editor and producer in the film unit of Combat Engineer Corps. Managed and exhibit in a private art gallery in Vis, Croatia between 2005-2010. She took part in numerous exhibitions: Biennale art miniature, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007; Mess-media, Cultural Hall Kiryat Sapir, K’far Sava, 2012; Cobalto 40 – by Yuri Ancarani, Il Crepaccio, Milan, 2012; YouTube generation, Vetra theater, Milano, 2013; The FunFun Fastival, Tel Aviv, 2013, 2014; The Secret Postcard project, Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, 2013, 2014; MediActive, Hamidrasha gallery, K’far Sava, 2014; Education Art and Theory, Culture and Education Art Center, HaYarkon 19, Tel Aviv, 2014. She was also granted with the encouragement scholarship of Visual Art Studies from the America-Israel Culture Foundation for the year 2014-2015. She lives in Kadima.