Biennale WRO 2015_Radiografia_fot_Marcin Maziej_c_WRO Art Center


Cécile Beau (FR) + Nicolas Montgermont (FR)
installation, 2013

project supported by Institut Français in Paris

An installation that makes visible the energy of informations contained between land and space.

The antenna detects and make perceptible the broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves passing near its axis: wifi, airplanes, radio, storm, satellites, morse signal, amateur radio, wandering star, undefined interference… The mass of the received signals is transformed in image and projected on the wall.

Connected to an invisible world in this immersive installation, we listen and see – here and now – different frequencies from unspecified sources.

The visual and sonic experiences of Cécile Beau’s (FR) work displace time and space, proposing intermediate territories, the strange in-between. Sound and images interact in her work to reveal anomalies in their apparent banality.

Nicolas Montgermont (FR) – after a scientific education and a research time in musical acoustics – he has been developing his artistic researches amongst different collectives: first the chdh duo, then artkillart and art of failure duo exploring the capacities of the mediums to generate their own forms. His projects have been presented in several centers and festival internationally: PixelAche (Finland), Club Transmediale (Germany), Ososphère (France), Espace Gantner (France), E-fest (Turkey), iMAL (Belgium), Pd con (Brazil), Sight & Sound (Canada), Occi (The Netherlands), Nhasan Studio (Vietnam), Simultan (Romania), Hertz Festival (Greece), Devotion Gallery (US) etc. Since 2012, he collaborates with Cécile Beau on installations that makes perceptible the physical properties of the environment.