Marina Gioti (GR)
video, 2014, 12:00

A collection of visual evidence from an Athens of the near future devoid of humans. Its inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a tableau mourant of reinforced concrete, metal and plastic debris coexisting with glorious marble and the local flora and fauna. Part science fiction, part archaeological mystery, the work offers a picturesque expedition of the Greek ruins, through an apposition of findings (architectural, cultural, forensic, environmental), that serve as hints for the human activity of the past.

Marina Gioti (GR), born 1972, is a filmmaker/visual artist based in Athens, Greece. She studied Chemical Engineering, Environmental Management (MSc), Filmmaking, and Media and Communication (MA) in Greece, UK and Belgium. Since 1999 she has worked extensively as a director/producer in film, TV, advertising, digital media, as well as theatre, dance and music productions. Her videos and installations been screened and exhibited worldwide at both international film festivals (Toronto IFF, Transmediale, Jeonju, Cinematexas, Chicago Filmmakers, New York Underground Film Festival, Les Rencontres Internationales, etc) and museums/ visual art platforms [Bozar, Beursschouwburg (Βrussels), Bielefelder Kunstverein (Bielefeld), CaixaForum (Barcelona), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Deste Foundation, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum (Athens)]. For more than 10 years she programmed experimental/ artists’ film and documentary for festivals (Ecocinema, Synch, Videodance, Cinematexas), special screenings and exhibitions and has recently been jury member at the 2012 Courtisane Film Festival (Ghent, Belgium) and the 2013 Tent Academy Awards, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her most recent short film premiered at the exhibition “No Country For Young Men” (curated by Katerina Gregos) at the Bozar museum in Brussels. She is currently in production of her first feature length film, “The Invisible Hands”, a documentary set in Cairo, Egypt.