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Matej Frank (CZ/PL) + Jakub Frank (CZ/PL)
performance, 2015

The performance and music installation in the backyard on extracting specific sounds from the composition drawn by an amplified wire. The line – outlined by the wire – connects both the spots in the space and magnetic tapes with varying content. The artists use different electroacoustic devices, small objects and infrastructure of the backyard as music instruments and sources of the sound.

Matej Frank (CZ/PL), born 1989 in Opava, Czech Republic. Lives in Wroclaw. He specializes in sculpture, based on the concepts of space-time-movement-body.

Jakub Frank (CZ/PL), born 1993, in Opava, Czech Republic. Lives in Wroclaw and Ostrava. Musician, he designs instruments to expand their tonal and articulation possibilities.