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Cyryl Zakrzewski (PL)

WRO 2015 documentation

Condensed, estheticized documentation of an hourslong melting process of the mould of a limb made of the frozen Japanese ink (melting time in room temperature: ca. 5 hours). The original installation has been located at the entrance to the University Library during the WRO Biennale opening events between May 13th-17th, 2015. Right now, it is presented in form of a documentation at the WRO Art Center.

Cyryl Zakrzewski (PL), born 1986, a Polish artist, author of many outdoor installations made out of mainly wood. His artistic actions are aimed at capturing the relationship between culture and nature in one total, universal dimension.

He graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań and opened a sculpture studio in Suchy Las (2011). In 2012, he received a scholarship from the Marshall of the Wielkopolska Region for the creation of the permanent installation in the University of Adam Mickiewicz Botanical Garden in Poznań and was invited to create a permanent outdoor work for the 10th Art Stays Festival in Ptuj, Slovenia.

He had multiple solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, and Japan.