Gilberto Prado (BR)

project supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Videos containing the flow of different-colored waters played on two mobile phones placed opposite one another on a specially designed rail: on one side, the predominant color is black; on the other – brown. As the mobile phones receive real-time information about tidal changes and moon phases, they will slowly begin to move inside the device. The spring will simultaneously be extended and compressed; therefore, determining the space and the direction of the flow/movement. In these moments, it will be possible to notice a slight mix between the waters and, simultaneously, the impossibility of their meeting.

Gilberto Prado (BR), born 1954, a multimedia artist. He graduated in engineering and visual arts from the State University of Campinas, in 1994 received a doctoral degree at the University of Paris I. He is working with the telematics communication artistic networks, participating in many projects. Currently, he is Professor at the Department of Visual Arts at the ECA/USP—Communication and Arts School at University of Sao Paulo. Since the end of 70’s, taking part in the Mail Art movement, member of the Poéticas Digitais group.