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Aleksandra Wałaszek (PL)
live performance, 2015

A real-time broadcast on – only in the flat on Górnickiego St. 4. It is a transfer of a “life somewhere else” via Skype. Images from different cities and countries devoid of illusion, that is flat interiors, views from the windows or trips across the unknown places. The TV-set as the medium and the proverbial “window to the world” gives a chance for an uncommon interaction with the main characters of each “channel”. Everything according to local realities to the nearest time zone becomes an ironical reality show.

Guest-participants: Eva Benitez, Madeleine Campbell, Daniel Evaeus, Sebastian Gamez , Shuma Goko, Ginny Huo, Monika Łukowska, Stephanie Newcomb , Wil Petre, Shoji Wataru, Alvaro Zelaya, Junpei Mori.

Aleksandra Wałaszek (PL), born 1987 in Wroclaw, often changes her place of residence. She specializes in photography, performance, installations. She is interested in identity, language and memory issues.