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Luc Ferrari (FR)
concert / video performance

the world premiere of Luc Ferrari’s (FR) Brise Glace: En un tournement d’amour – a live performance with the new orchestration and video prepared by Bartosz Konieczny

Video prepared by Bartosz Konieczny realized by WRO Art Center is a re-interpretation of Brise-Glace media composition by P.-E. Gallet based on extracts of the three-part film Brise-Glace (Bateau-Givre by Jean Rouch, Hans Majestäts Isbrytaren Frej by Titte Törnroth, Histoires de Glace by Raoul Ruiz) and on photos by Katalin Volcsanszky shooted for the book by P-E. Gallet Brise-Glace: Le Paysage blanc, which are part of Brise-Glace media composition.

Bartosz Konieczny (PL), born 1982, a graphic & video designer, an animator. He designs prints and websites, and deals with video editing and motion graphic. Since 2008, he has been cooperating with the WRO Art Center. He is part of the pre-selection committee of the WRO Media Art Biennale and author of stage design solutions and corporate identity projects for the WRO Biennale, as well as the REX—all-Polands Genetics Centre. He has also worked for the Lucania Film Festival (Italy), AGORA Center of Culture (Wrocław, Poland) and Wrocław Contemporary Museum (Wrocław, Poland). His realizations were shown among others within the WRO Résumé ALTERNATIVE NOW on Tour exhibition series (CCCB in Barcelona, ​​uQBAr in Berlin, International Theatre Festival in Sibiu) and the WRO on Tour PIONEERING VALUES exhibition ​​during Lucania Film Festival; also at the Art & Documentation Festival in Łódź (Poland), Techfest Bombay (India), in Wrocław Contemporary Museum (Poland) or Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków (Poland).

project carried out with Musica Electronica Nova Festival
program of the Festival:
The National Forum of Music – partner of the project