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Thierry De Mey (BE)
interactive video triptych

composer in residence of the Musica Electronica Nova 2015

From Inside enables the audience to experience a new perception of dance by offering them an alternative perspective – thanks to an interactive mechanism – from inside of the dance.

The audience enters into a black room in which images are projected onto the front and side walls. Parallelly to the screens, there are rows of lights, defining visual context. When sensors detect the movement of the viewer, they produce precisely orchestrated interaction with the picture and sound.

The installation acts as a jukebox: each visitor can choose which film sequence or type of movement he or she wants to be confronted with. You can experience it in an active or a contemplative way, from inside of the “black box”. The sound screens allow the light penetration; the audience can freely move around the installation and “see it through”, tracking the movement of other visitors.

The multi-leveled study of dance movement in space was filmed in three locations: Frankfurt, Kinshasa and the Gibellina mausoleum in Sicily.

Project carried out with Musica Electronica Nova Festival
program of the Festival: musicaelectronicanova.pl/en
The National Forum of Music – partner of the project