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Seoungho Cho (KR)
video, 2014, 8:21

I received permission to videotape an unknown sannyasi having a siesta as if he were in a deep meditation. Usually we believe that body is the vehicle of soul. I would not know what kind of soul this old, tired and unconsciously open body might suggest. I came to think that what I am searching for is not his soul but mine, which is still as of yet unknown to myself.

Seoungho Cho (KR), born 1959. He received his M.A. from New York University. He received a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and the Grand Prize at the 27th Black Maria Film Festival. Cho’s solo exhibitions have included The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Montevideo, Amsterdam and LeeUm Museum of Modern Art, Seoul. His installations have been selected for the permanent collection at such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, LeeUm Museum of Modern Art, Korea and at the Los Angeles International Airport. In 2012, Cho’s Buoy was presented as a massive multi-channel installation in Times Square, New York, a collaboration between EAI and the Times Square Alliance. Cho’s tapes have been broadcast nationally and internationally. He lives in New York.