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The Dog

The Little WRO’s program consists of numerous events taking place in Wrocław (Poznań and Johannesburg as well), but if you can’t visit us during the Biennale, we’ve got something for you as well!

THE DOG is an interactive installation for mobile devices that you can create yourself.

The app available since May 13, 2015 – the opening day of the 2015 WRO Biennale, as a part of the Little WRO program.

THE DOG was created in 1994, during the special edition of the WRO Biennale in Duże Studio of the National Television – it barked at the audience passing by, meeting kind and cheerful reactions.

Next, THE DOG became a part of the Interactive Playground, a well known art exhibition aimed at the youngest and adults alike, organized by the WRO Art Center.
THE DOG lived in a wooden dog shed and greeted the audience with its barking in over 20 cities in Poland and abroad.

THE DOG changes, although it doesn’t grow old. The 2015 WRO Biennale brings its next incarnation. The latest version of THE DOG is a miniature of the installation that you can assemble yourself.

You’re going to need:

– any Android or iOS smartphone
– the mobile app – get the app in AppStore or Google Play
– the dog shed template, available here: DOWNLOAD PDF
– a printer
– adhesive tape
– a pencil or marker
– an A3 or larger piece of cardboard – you can use a spare furniture or household equipment box
– a pair of scissors or a utility knife

A little help and supervision from older siblings or adults is recommended as well.

Then, download the app, set the dog shed, put your cell into it and… have fun!

THE DOG, original installation:

concept – Zbigniew Kupisz
animation – Jacek Szleszyński
hardware & software – Wiesiek Kościukiewicz/Mikrokom-soft

THE DOG, mobile version:
concept – Paweł Janicki, Małgorzata Sikorska
software – Paweł Janicki

production: WRO Art Center