kay walkowiak

Minimal and Medium: WRO 2015 Résumé on Tour exhibition

The Aula Gallery
University of Arts, Poznań
Marcinkowskiego 29

22.02 – 02.03.2016

At the exhibition:

1. THE SYMBIOSITY OF CREATION, Jarosław Czarnecki a.k.a. Elvin Flamingo (PL), video installation, 2015
2. NOTHING MORE, Marek Deka (PL), mechanical object, 2014
3. PAINTER’S PAINTING, Wojciech Gilewicz (PL), video, 2010-2014 (work in progress)
4. REIGN OF SILENCE, Lukas Marxt (AT), video, 2013
5. VOCAL CODES, Joachim Montessuis (FR), installation and the 2015 WRO Biennale performance documentation, 2015
6. CHARGING, Dani Ploeger (NL/UK), installation, 2014-2015
7. NAMEDROPPING, Antje Seeger (DE), video, 2014
8. MINIMAL VANDALISM, Kay Walkowiak (AT), video, 2013

an interactive application feat. the 2011-2015 WRO Biennale video documentation