Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions at Górnickiego 4/11 Flat

an artistic-curatorial project by Kamila Wolszczak

May 13 – 17 2015


GG (short for Gadu-Gadu, eng. chit-chat) is the fifth edition of the Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions (pol. Samonośne Uniwersalne Wystawy: SUW) project realized in private and public spaces. Twelve artists selected from an open call prepared nine projects adapted to the space of a flat located at Łukasza Górnickiego street in Wrocław and the flats whereabouts.

The theme refers to a Polish instant messaging client popular in the 2000s, and brings up the subject of contemporary interpersonal relations.

The distinguishing features of the SUW are the artistic research processes and the integral to the environment realizations , taking the inhabitants into account. Yet again the SUW seeks communication in the field of art, where the traditional division of an artist-sender, and the audience-receiver blurs out.

SUW is the passing of knowledge about art taking the form of a dialogue, openness towards the receiver, negotiation of meanings,  search for compromises, and appreciation for individual interpretations and competences.

We’re testing the space as part of the 16th WRO Media Art Biennale TEST EXPOSURE!