Art Mediators’ Comments: Cécile Beau + Nicolas Montgermont, Radiography


A grand, high-speed aerial, which receives waves and signals coming from various sources in the closest surrounding. The installation translates the received signals to sound and visuals, making them become available to our senses.

The effect is dreamlike and somewhat frightening. The image reminds of the snowy, badly tuned TV set, and the sounds nauseate… I have a feeling, one must show respect towards it, it arises anxiety. Normally, we are not able to feel the level of radio waves, and certainly we are not reflecting on their impact on the environment. Why? Does the human pursuit of progress not paradoxically lead to indifference, kind of anesthesia on its destructive potential?

– Estera Gundlach-Fober

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In the last two weeks of the WRO 2015 exhibitions, we are presenting you with the comments on selected works presented in the new building of the Wroclaw University Library. The comments are made by the students of the Art Mediation Department, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.